Got Islamophobia? Turks in Europe reportedly changing the names of German towns

Perhaps this can be filed under creeping sharia colonization. Turks in Germany, apparently unsatisfied with intimidating German citizens into staying out of areas they’ve declared as their own, have taken matters a step further.

Via Islam versus Europe:

Turks colonising the German city of Mannheim have decided to rename a part of the city where they have come to predominate. Turkish associations and others recently met in the town hall to discuss the new name.

Peter Kurz, the burgomeister, proposed the name “Little Istanbul”. Other suggestions included “Beyoglu” and “Kücük Istanbul”. The plan is to narrow the list of proposed names down to three then put the matter to the vote in a referendum.

While Germany has historically done a good job of snuffing out Holocaust denial, its leaders seem content enough to deny that Hitler’s ideological allies are incrementally claiming Germany as their own.

If you’re wondering what that taste in your mouth is right now, it’s probably irony.

h/t BNI


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