Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder says Islam not responsible for Jihad in France

Ok, this is rich. The French Jihadist behind the Toulouse shootings hate crimes was a Sunni who had ties to Al-Qaeda, which is an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. The grandson of Hassan al-Banna, Tariq Ramadan, has not denounced his grandfather. In fact, all signs point to his having the utmost reverence for him. Why wouldn’t he? The Muslim Brotherhood has significant reverence for Tariq BECAUSE he’s the grandson of the group’s founder.

Well, it appears that Tariq is now putting forth the argument that religion Islam had nothing to do a Jihadist’s murder of Jewish children in cold blood while filming it. It would seem that Tariq has a bit of a “conflict of interest” problem here.

Via On Islam, Ramadan writes:

Religion was not Mohamed Merah’s problem; nor is politics. A French citizen frustrated at being unable to find his place, to give his life dignity and meaning in his own country, he would find two political causes through which he could articulate his distress: Afghanistan and Palestine.

He attacks symbols: the army, and kills Jews, Christians and Muslims without distinction. His political thought is that of a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, or driven by racism and anti-Semitism. Young, disoriented, he shoots at targets whose prominence and meaning seem to have been chosen based on little more than their visibility.

A pathetic young man, guilty and condemnable beyond the shadow of a doubt, even though he himself was the victim of a social order that had already doomed him, and millions of others like him, to a marginal existence, and to the non-recognition of his status as a citizen equal in rights and opportunities.

So Merah shoots an eight year-old girl point blank in the head while filming it for Jihadist posterity and HE’s the victim? This is so typical of Ramadan, a man who disagrees with the techniques and tactics of the Salafists he derides, not their objectives.

Then, just when it looks like Ramadan is about to sound sensible, he changes course after one sentence:

That cannot, of course, excuse his actions. But let us at least hope that France can learn the lesson that Mohamed Merah had neither the intention nor the means to teach: he was French, as are all his victims (in the name of what strange logic are they differentiated and categorized by religion?), but he felt himself constantly reduced to both his origin by his skin color, and his religion by his name.

We here at the Shoebat Foundation would agree that France needs to learn a lesson but that lesson, contrary to what Tariq Ramadan advocates, is not for increased dhimmitude; it is that France come to terms with the fact that Jihad is a religious tenet of Islam; it is dangerous and more people will die unless French leaders admit this reality. Ramadan’s rhetoric, if adopted, only serves to further paralyze France, which is exactly what Ramadan wants.

Inevitably, the argument over Merah turns to the fact that he killed Muslims who were in the French army (in addition to Jewish children) so Islam cannot be the source of the problem. Killing Muslims actually gives Jihadists further cover. It serves to confuse those who try to make sense of it but remember, with Muruna, killing other Muslims is justified if doing so serves a higher calling. If, in a Jihadist’s mind, he views the killing of Muslims – along with Jews – as a way to sow confusion about his motives, he might do it.

Muruna allows for it. After all, French President Nicolas Sarkozy highlighted the fact that Muslims were killed by Merah.

Welcome to the advanced stage of martyrdom. Once the infidels start to catch on, Jihadists throw them another curve ball – at the expense of fellow Muslims.

Until westerners identify the root of the problem, they will never get this.



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