Lone Jihadist Ranger (Part II of II) by Walid Shoebat

In Part I, Walid exposed the absurdity of any argument that identifies French Jihadist, Muhammad Merah as a lone wolf. In Part II, he explains the significance of the black flag used by Jihadists in general, al-Qaeda in particular, while relating his personal experiences that back up these claims.

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By Walid Shoebat

It is necessary to address the issue of the “Black Flag.” Expounding on the tradition of the black banners, even the so-called “moderate” Sheikh Hisham Kabbani, the darling of many even conservative Americans, states that the armies will come from the region of Iran and Turkey: “Hadith indicate that black flags coming from the area of Khorasan [Iran] will signify [that] the appearance of the Mahdi is near.” Khorasan is in today’s Iran, and some scholars have said that this Hadith means when the black flags appear from Central Asia (and Merah was there as well), then the appearance of the Mahdi is imminent.”

I have no doubt as to why Merah went on this odyssey; it was a final trip to help facilitate this; he aspired for culmination of this Islamic prophetic dream.

Islamic prophetic tradition says: “Armies carrying black flags will come from Khurasan (Iran). No power will be able to stop them and they will finally reach Eela (Baitul Maqdas in Jerusalem) where they will erect their flags.” Baitul Maqdas or “the holy house” is referring to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In the last days, this black flag will accompany the Mahdi who will lead both Turkey and Iran (Merah visited Turkey and Jerusalem from Jordan on his journey, while using his French passport). It is said by the prophet of Islam that “every Muslim must join this army even if they have to crawl on snow.”

Abdul Rahman al-Wahabi, in the The Day of Wrath, states: “The final battle will be waged by Muslim faithful coming on the backs of horses…carrying black banners. They will stand on the East side of the Jordan River and will wage war that the earth has never seen before. The true Messiah who is the Islamic Mahdi will defeat Europe, will lead this army of Seljuks [Turks]. He will preside over the world from Jerusalem because Mecca would have been destroyed.”

They have this dream of a Mahdi like Saladin who will lead this army to Israel and re-conquer it for Islam. The Jews will be slaughtered until very few remain and Jerusalem will become the location of the Mahdi’s rule over the Earth.

Psalm 48:2 also describes the Temple Mount: “It [the City of our God and his Holy Mountain] is beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth. Like the utmost heights of Zaphon is Mt. Zion.”

Abdelkader Merah, the murderer’s older brother, is suspected of assisting Mohammed in preparing his attacks. The 29-year-old Abdelkader Merah has allegedly told police that he is “very proud” of his brother for murdering his victims. “I regret nothing for him and approve of what he did,” said Abdelkader.

Many in the Arab media praised Merah; mainstream forums for Algerian foreigners actually blamed France, saying that Sarkozy was behind it to boost his elections. Conspiracy theories abound in a culture where everything is a conspiracy theory (many Ron Paul supporters suffer from this condition).

This is nothing new. Mahmud al-Mughrabi, the nephew of my recruiter Mahmud al-Mughrabi – in Jerusalem – ran over Israeli soldiers with his father’s BMW and blamed the government of Israel for killing his son.

In Belgium, for example, a video distributed on the Internet in recent months depicts an extremist group who threatens to turn Belgium into a Muslim country. It was also recently revealed that Muslims constitute one-quarter of the population of Brussels and that the most popular name for newborn babies there in 2011 was “Muhammad.” It was also the most popular name for babies in Antwerp, where an estimated 40 percent of primary school children are Muslims.

Sharia has also been implemented in several places in Britain to the dismay of local residents.

Islamists set up zones where the Muslim Sharia law would be enforced. Some communities were bombarded with bright yellow posters, which read: ‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’ The messages were found on bus stops and street lamps; they were seen across certain boroughs in London. They order that ‘no gambling,’ ‘no music or concerts,’ ‘no drugs or smoking,’ and ‘no alcohol’ should be seen in the Sharia-controlled zone.

Merah received al-Qaeda training in Waziristan, Sarkozy also promised legal punishment of people that travel abroad “for the purposes of indoctrination in terrorist ideology.” During the Stasbourg rally he explained, “These crimes were not the work of a madman. A madman is irresponsible. These crimes were the work of a fanatic and a monster.”

However, to maintain Muslim support in the upcoming presidential elections, he highlighted that “our Muslim compatriots had nothing to do with the crazy motive of a terrorist.” The Associated Press reported that the attacks “ignited fear in moderate Muslims about stoking discrimination and may even affect the country’s upcoming presidential election… Merah espoused a radical form of Islam.”

Hello, Fursan Al-Izza wanted Sharia in France and so does every major western Islamic organization.


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