Archive | April 13, 2012


Islamophobia-baiting in San Diego Murder case?

We’ve been following this story for some time now but it’s looking increasingly like an attempt to apply the template for handling the Trayvon Martin murder to the murder of a Muslim woman in San Diego isn’t going the way the Islamists would like. Via IPT: Islamist organizations sprang into action when they thought Shaima […]

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$1,499,995,000 worth of CNN Bias

In 2011, the DHS paid Walid Shoebat $5000 to speak at a state-sponsored Homeland Security Conference in Rapid City, SD. CNN was there and produced a news report that painted Walid as a fraud. In 2012, the Obama Administration gave $1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN is nowhere to be found. Either inflation is […]

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