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Christian Pastors in south Philippines truly sheep among wolves

The next time you see a Christian church in the United States back down from confronting Islam, think back to how you felt watching this video about a tiny island in the south Philippines. It consists of a majority of Muslims. Pastors of Christian churches are in grave danger every day. Yet, they continue to […]

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Video: Louis Farrakhan says Jesus was “black,” and “Muslim”

When you break down Louis Farrakhan’s message here, it’s a very common one put forth by Muslims. Specifically, that message is that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same God; that’s what Farrakhan is trying to say here. Again, if that were true, Mr. Farrakhan would have to agree in the Holy Trinity, as […]

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Story of Murdered Iraqi woman in San Diego suddenly nowhere to be found

The last noteworthy story that was published about Shaima Alawadi’s murder showed that her husband and daughter may be linked to her death, despite a note left next to her body that referred to her as a ‘terrorist’ who should return to her own country. When the story first broke, there were forces at work […]

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Report: Turkey now at the top of the Honor Killings list

Does anyone think it’s just a coincidence that honor killings in Turkey have gone through the roof since the fall of that country’s secular government over the last ten years? Now, Turkey is allegedly way ahead of Pakistan when it comes to honor killings. Via Europe News: To educated Muslims, honor killing has nothing to […]

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