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Sudan’s National Assembly designates South Sudan “an Enemy”

Well, that didn’t take long. South Sudan declared its independence when an overwhelming majority of its citizens voted for Salva Kiir to be the president of their new nation last January. Last July, Kiir was inaugurated. Now, Muslim Sudan is declaring South Sudan (Christian) an enemy. Via the Sudan Tribune: The Sudanese national assembly on […]

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Camel Urine: Drink Up and Bon Appétit!

Message from Walid… In the Arab world, Camel Urine products are going viral.. It’s a solution for cancer, hair loss, cosmetics… even camel urine shampoo, in capsule forms, camel urine oils… debates on which is the best way to apply camel urine on blogs, I searched and searched the Arabic for some sanity but no […]

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Stratfor tackles the issue of Turkey’s Strategy

We often talk about the Biblical import of Turkey and have been warning about its rise for quite some time. George Friedman has an excellent piece that examines the geopolitics in the region generally, as well as Turkey’s strategy specifically. Via Stratfor: Turkey is re-emerging as a significant regional power. In some sense, it is […]

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Why the Arab Spring will Descend into an Islamic Age

Steven Simpson Guest Columnist The much vaunted and praised “Arab Spring,” which took the world by surprise in December 2010, is slowly but surely turning into an Arab winter, which will inexorably become an Arab Islamic Ice Age in the near future. Already, the icicles of pan-Islamism are beginning to form throughout the Maghreb (North […]

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