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Sudan continues Bombing South Sudan; Kiir cuts China trip short

South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir has been in China, in part, to solicit that country’s help in financing an oil pipeline to Kenya. Kiir is cutting his visit short, apparently, because the country to his north – Sudan – appears to be stepping up its bombing campaigns. Via Sudan Tribune: Sudan resumed its bombing of […]

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Muslim Community: Hate Crime to dress in a Burka and rob a bank

A couple of weeks ago, we wondered why the Muslim community wasn’t up in arms over burka-clad men robbing banks making Islam look bad. Well, it took a while but that appears to be the course of action the Muslim community has taken. Furthermore, the Muslim community wants to it to be considered a hate […]

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Video: Let’s talk about Women’s rights in the Middle East

As the left wing feminist movement and U.N. groups continue to launch complaints about Zionist abuse of women, Islamic countries seem to get a pass when they should be receiving the most scorn. If you don’t think we’re dealing with misplaced indignation, watch this. Sent in via We are Synonymous. **CONTENT WARNING**

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