John McCain demands U.S. Arm Al-Qaeda; says doing so is a “repudiation of Al-Qaeda”

Christians are facing persecution all across the Middle East as a direct result of the “Arab Spring” and Senator John McCain is demonstrating no concern for them while simultaneously demanding that the United States arm the Syrian rebels Al-Qaeda, who have incidentally been persecuting Christians themselves.

Via the Boston Globe:

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona blasted President Obama on foreign policy Sunday, accusing him of mishandling relationships with countries throughout the Middle East.

McCain said the United States should arm rebels in Syria to help them fight against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Absolutely. It’s an unfair fight,” McCain said on ABC’S “This Week. “The Russians are supplying arms. The Iranians are on the ground. How could we not stand up for these people? How could we sit by and watch this slaughter go on, while the president of the United States is totally silent?”

Oh, McCain is also in denial:

McCain downplayed the risk of arming a group of Syrian rebels whose long-term mission is uncertain.

“I heard this same story in Libya. I heard it in Tunisia. I heard it in Egypt,” McCain said. “There’s always, ‘We don’t know who they are.’ I’ll tell you who they are. They’re a direct repudiation of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda believes in acts of terror to change governments. These people believe in peaceful demonstration.”

It’s simply not possible to accept the premise that John McCain doesn’t know that Al-Qaeda is effectively an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, he is making the argument that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “repudiation” of Al-Qaeda.

That leads us back to the persecuted Christians McCain doesn’t seem to care much about, relative to his concern for Al-Qaeda.

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Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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