Video: Cleric says Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Presidential candidate will make Jerusalem the Caliphate Capital

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’re familiar with the name Muhammad Mursi. He is a leader with the Muslim Brotherhood; his wife is a leader with the female version – the Muslim Sisterhood.

Mursi has the support of Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi, who says that if elected, Mursi will liberate Jerusalem and make it the Capital of the Islamic caliphate. Guilt by association, you ask? Only if you are prepared to disregard Mursi sitting behind Higazi, nodding in approval, as Higazi talks about the “capital of the United States of the Arabs.”

Via the Jerusalem Post:

h/t Hot Air

Correction: A woman named Sondos Chalabi (Asem) was mistakenly identified as Mursi’s daughter in the original post. Though Chalabi has appeared publicly with Mursi and her mother is also a leader with the Sisterhood – as is Mursi’s wife – Sondos is not Mursi’s daughter. The post above now reflects this change.

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