Washington Post reports Egypt’s Coptic Christians fear ‘Ultraconservative’ Muslims

Leila Fadel at the Washington Post has now officially chimed in on the fears of the Coptic Christians in Egypt as a direct result of the removal of Hosni Mubarak last year. Interestingly, she affixes a curious label to the ideology of those who threaten the Copts.

A year after an attack by ultraconservative Muslims raised the spectre of a wave of religious strife in Egypt, the Christian churches in Cairo’s Imbaba district have been repaired, with sturdy wooden rafters, fresh paint and portraits of the Virgin Mary and Jesus ready to be hung anew. But the deep wounds from those attacks and ensuing clashes, which left 12 dead, cannot be painted over.

Coptic Christians, whose forefathers lived in Egypt before the arrival of Islam, had hoped that the 2011 uprising that ousted authoritarian President Hosni Mubarak would give them equal rights.

Instead, things have worsened. Egypt’s Christians have been the victims of threats and dramatic violence, and they fear the ascendance of political Islam.

With landmark elections set to begin May 23, many of the country’s Christians fear that the next president could turn Egypt into a conservative Islamic state that does not have room for their community of at least 8.5 million.

Uh, if these particular Muslims are so “conservative,” why was it we “conservatives” in the west who were warning against the “Arab Spring” ever since it dawned while the liberal media championed it as a Democratic uprising? The left loves to play word games, that’s why.

For example, how often do you hear that Hitler was a right-wing extremist despite the fact that he was a socialist? “Nazi” means “National Socialist Party.” When you point this out to leftists, they insist Hitler’s brand of socialism was a different kind of socialism – the right wing kind.

Fadel wasn’t done with the word games:

In addition to the attacks on churches, Christians have been terrified by other acts of aggression. Ultraconservative Muslims known as Salafists are accused of slicing off a Christian man’s ear over accusations that he rented his apartment to prostitutes. Coptic families in Alexandria were displaced over a rumor that a Coptic man and a Muslim woman were romantically involved.

Ok, now Salafists like Anjem Choudary are ultraconservative? If so, then why did the left align with the Islamists in practically every Arab Spring uprising last year? Are we to believe that liberals aligned with conservatives? If that’s true, why did the liberals align with Muslim conservatives instead of Christian conservatives? Are we to believe that liberals are religious bigots?

It is the ‘liberal’ left and the ‘ultraconservative’ Muslims who both deride Christianity.

Historically, leftists always align with Islamists until Islamists win. Then, as is so typical of leftists, they blame others for their own ignorance.

By the way, do you think Fadel knows how those “ultraconservative Muslims” feel about Hitler?

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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