FBI Workshop: ‘Combating Islamophobia’

The FBI is sponsoring a workshop this week in Huntsville, AL to combat – wait for it – Islamophobia. It hasn’t even been one week since FBI Director Robert Mueller appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and made the case that the purging of his Bureau’s training materials was completely legitimate and not motivated by political correctness. If that were true, why is the FBI lending credence to a politically correct idea known as ‘Islamophobia’?


On Thursday, May 17th, people representing a cross-culture of Madison County will come together to learn more about Islam. “Combating Islamophobia: Truths and Myths About Islam” is a community engagement workshop sponsored by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice, UA-Huntsville, and the Huntsville Islamic Center, among others. Aladin Beshir, director of community outreach for the Huntsville Islamic Center, hopes the event will help build bridges in the community. “This is a very, very small step and a very focused and great grand scheme of cooperation among law enforcement and the Muslim community, sending the message that we are all united to protect America.”

Beshir says there are many misconceptions about Islam that have arisen, in part, by people taking portions of the Quran out of context. He says, “Islam does not teach violence. People love to pick and choose,” adding, “the Holy Quran states, one destroys one soul as if he killed the whole humanity, and one saves one soul as if he saves the whole humanity.” When it comes to addressing myths about Muslims, Beshir says the media represents one of the biggest challenges because, “if you listen to the media, you will think they’re under the bed and coming to get you!”

If Jews and Christians are ‘Apes and Pigs,’ doesn’t that exclude them from being part of ‘the whole humanity’?

Those pesky loopholes.

h/t Jihad Watch

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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