Conflict between Islam and the West? 63% of Americans think so

The DHS released a report warning of Right Wing Extremism; the FBI Director said 99.9% of all Muslims in America are patriotic; Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan said we’re not at war with Jihadists; Barack Obama himself said, “The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam.”

Someone forgot to tell the American people.

Via Rasmussen:

Nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (63%) believe there is a conflict in the world today between Western civilization and Islamic nations, but most also think the United States should leave the Islamic world alone.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 18% of voters feel there is not a global conflict now between the West and Islamic nations. Another 19% are not sure.

Obama in 2009: U.S. “is not and will never be at war with Islam.”

The polls have not been in the president’s favor these days… on much of anything.

h/t Keith

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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