Report: New French President has banned consumption of Pork in Government Offices

This is a new report translated from a French website but if true, it’s not surprising. We will monitor to confirm or deny its authenticity.

Via BNI:

Effective immediately, the new French head of state never again will allow pork to pass his lips…or the lips of his staff, other government officials, or foreign guests.

With this decision, Hollande embraces the profound change in the French ethnic and religious population, with Christians becoming slowly extinct, replaced by the massive and permanent infestation of Muslim occupiers.

The new president’s decision is payback to the Muslim electorate, who overwhelmingly – 93% – voted for him. Formerly banned from the USA (until Obama took office) controversial Islamist Tarik Ramadan, called on France’s 700 mosques to support Hollande.

Pork will be replaced with mutton or beef slaughtered in the most inhumane way possible – Islamic approved halal slaughter. Muslim authorities in the country welcomed the decision, celebrating France’s demise as a Christian nation and moving it toward becoming the first European Islamic state.

Last week, we reported on Hamas’ demand that Hollande visit Gaza to initiate the process of undoing what Hamas perceives as the anti-Palestinian policies of the previous French government.

It’s become quite apparent that Hollande is beholden to Islam, in large part, for putting him over the top in the election. Ironically, that was one major reason why George Moscone, former Democratic Mayor of San Francisco, was beholden to Jim Jones:

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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