Video: Austrian MP’s Churchillian rant directed at Turkish Ambassador

Until the majority of political leaders become more like this man and less like Michael Bloomberg, for example, Islam will continue to make incremental gains with the subtle intimidation that comes with creeping sharia. It’s a reward / punishment dynamic that far too many western leaders relent to instead of seeing Islamic scorn as a badge of honor.

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler, who got up to speak after his dhimmi colleague, doesn’t care about finding himself in Islam’s good graces, which are deceptively dishonest anyway. Stadler outed “van der Bellen” as a dhimmi and proceeded to excoriate Islam, Turkey, and that country’s ambassador. At one point, the Turkish ambassador objected to what Stadler was saying but likely wished he hadn’t because it was like pouring gasoline on Stadler’s fire.

The western world is rapidly reaching a point where it will have to choose the path of Chamberlain or Churchill. After watching this, you will have no doubt what side Stadler has chosen.

h/t BNI


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