Etiam si omnes, ego non

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Can today’s psycho-babbler pastors of ‘easy believism’ like Joel Olsteen be compared to Dietrich Bonhoeffer or the double-minded Rick Warren to Von Galen? Can Joyce Myers be compared to Hans Scholl? When will today’s pastors of these “fallen away” Super-Churches who focus on self-esteem and nonsense withstand the onslaught of evil? To these I say Etiam si omnes, ego non “Even if all others… I will not,” (Matthew 26:33 & 35) in the Latin Vulgate version of a phrase from the Gospel of Matthew. It contains the beginning and the end of the words of Peter to Jesus:

Even if all others will take offense at you, I will not

It was written on the door of Philipp von Boeselager’s home, highlighting the necessity of maintaining one’s own opinion and moral judgement, even in the face of a differing view held by the majority. In particular, it refers to von Boeselager’s dissent and resistance against Hitler during the Nazi dictatorship.

Go ahead, lay your criticism at me for pointing fingers and naming names. Go ahead, place your blame on us for uniting with Catholics and Jews. We at this blog who maintain it and update it for the edification of believers everywhere are a Jew (Keith Davies), a Catholic (Ben Barrack) and a plain Christian convert from Islam (Walid Shoebat).

What we want to tell you is this–today’s Christian faith is attacked like never before. Today, we have cowards on all sides of Christendom. Indeed, if they can call themselves Christian. Indeed they are not, but are wolves in sheeps’ clothing. To all Christians, we say stand up and speak out. Do not be a James Salt, the executive director of Catholics United, a liberal advocacy group that aligned with Obama and castigated the bishops.

To all true believers, both Catholics and Protestants please watch the newly released film starring Andy Garcia, For Greater Glory. How many super churches in America speak of the Cristero War, the Mexican uprising against draconian government measures designed to stamp out Catholicism during the 1920s? How about the real heros who withstood all odds against the Nazis?









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