Dean of Qur’anic Studies: Islam seeks to Conquer Spain and the Vatican

Let’s see. The Dean of Qur’anic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza is now officially on record as stating that Islam seeks to conquer Spain and the Vatican. Such a scenario doesn’t bode well for a European anti-Christ, now does it?

Do the Bilderbergs know about this?


Let’s not also forget that this view is inline with the Cordoba Initiative, despite the protestations of the left wing media and the infamous imam – Feisal Abdul Rauf – who leads it.

Remember, the Cordoba Mosque was once a Christian Cathedral in Spain that was converted to a Mosque after Islamic conquest. That’s why Rauf’s group wanted to name the Ground Zero Mosque in New York City ‘The Cordoba House.’ In fact, when American began to understand the nefarious reasons for the name choice, the name of the Mosque changed to ‘Park 51.’ As leftists and Muslim deceivers denied CI’s intentions, we now have a Qur’anic expert in Gaza who is openly calling for the Islamic conquest of Spain, home of the original Cordoba Mosque.

Remember this?

Muslim interests propose to build a 15 story mosque in Manhattan towering over the site of the 9/11 atrocity just 600 feet away. They would name the monument “Cordoba House.”

The original Great Mosque of Cordoba was built in the 10th century in Cordoba, Spain, the capital of the Muslim caliphate of al Andalus, ruling over the conquered Spaniards.

The Cordoba Mosque was the third largest mosque complex in the world at the time, built on the site of a former Christian church to commemorate the Muslim conquest of Spain.

This perpetuated a cultural Muslim practice of building mosques on the sites of historic conquests.

Having to constantly tell people to wake up can be so tiring.

h/t Jihad Watch


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