Muslim Beheads 20 year-old Daughter in the name of Honor

Another in a long line of random honor killings that have nothing to do with Islam.

Via the AP:

A father in northwestern India remained unrepentant Tuesday after beheading his daughter with a ceremonial sword in a rage over her relationships with men, police said.

The father surrendered at a police station, carrying the head in one hand and the bloodied sword in the other, police said.

Residents of Dungarji village expressed shock as they performed the last rites for the 20-year-old woman.

Police said the father, marble miner Oghad Singh, accused his daughter of bringing dishonor to the family and making it hard to find husbands for her two unmarried sisters.

Women wailing in grief lined the dusty road of the village in Rajasthan state as a procession carried Manju Kanwar’s remains to her funeral pyre. As in many north and west Indian villages, the women, including her mother and four sisters, were not allowed to attend the funeral.

Do you suppose this barbarian shouted, ‘Allahu Akhbar’ as he cut his daughter’s head off?

Odds are good, though you’d never know it by reading the article, which didn’t mention the words, “Islam” or “Muslim” once. On the contrary, had the man belonged to any religion other than Islam, it probably would have been noted.

h/t GWP

**UPDATE 6/20** There is a valid contention that this particular honor killing may not be Muslim-inspired (see comments). Though the killing fit the profile of a Muslim honor killing, the AP did NOT identify the religion of the alleged murderer. We will reserve final judgment on whether this murder was inspired by Islam until more information comes available.