John McCain’s ‘heroes’ Attack Tunisian Consulate over Artwork

For some reason, the story about Salafists in Tunisia trashing an art exhibit for being blasphemous continues to unfold. To get caught up before reading about the latest twist, click here and then here.

Now John McCain’s ‘heroes’ have joined in on the festivities, via Reuters:

A group of armed gunmen stormed the Tunisian consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi on Monday to protest against an art exhibition in Tunisia which they said insulted Islam, a security guard who works inside the building said.

Kamal al-Gehani said the group of about 20 young men carrying Kalashnikovs forced their way into the building and burned the Tunisian flag inside.

“They knocked on our gates and pushed into the building. It was a holiday so no one was working inside except security,” he told Reuters.

Suleiman al-Gehani, an official with the foreign ministry who was called to help defuse the situation, said security officers had to negotiate with the group until they were convinced to leave.

He said no shots were fired and no one was injured.

“We had to convince them this wasn’t the civilized way to protest. They were very angry over the art work from Tunisia,” he said.

Conspicuously silent are the leftists in the West who have no problem with submerging a Crucifix in urine and calling it art.

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