John Kerry compared US Troops to Genghis Khan; Says not to ‘prejudge’ Muslim Brotherhood

Senator John Kerry (D-MA), the same man who sat before Congress in 1971 and likened his Army brethren fighting in Vietnam to ‘Ghenghis Khan’ today says that Americans should not ‘prejudge’ the Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt.

Via PJM:

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned against “prejudging” the Muslim Brotherhood as Mohammed Morsi became Egypt’s first Islamist president today.

“During my recent visits to Cairo, I’ve had two candid discussions with the new president. He’s acknowledged that the central issue to Egypt’s future is economic. His words suggest he understands the gravity of the challenges facing Egypt,” Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said today.

“In our discussions, Mr. Morsi committed to protecting fundamental freedoms, including women’s rights, minority rights, the right to free expression and assembly, and he said he understood the importance of Egypt’s post-revolutionary relationships with America and Israel,” he added. “Ultimately, just as it is anywhere in the world, actions will matter more than words.”

Reading that might give one the impression that the Muslim Brotherhood’s history of anti-Semitism / siding with the Nazis in WWII was lost on Kerry, that he is simply not educated. Uh, that doesn’t seem to be the case:

“Obviously American concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood’s past statements and positions are widely shared and well understood. But it would be a mistake for us to pull back from our engagement with a free and democratic Egypt,” the senator said. “This is a time to test intentions not to prejudge them. All parties must come together to build a better future for the Egyptian people and I will continue to monitor Egypt’s political transition with great interest.”

Based on that line of reasoning, Kerry was unjustly critical of Genghis Khan in 1971 because he didn’t account for future behavior had Khan still been living. Furthermore, how is it ‘prejudging’ an organization to take the leaders of that organization at their word?


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