The Pack of Wolves that want George W. Bush Dead

By Walid Shoebat

Dennis Miller, with his typical comic wit, once asked me, “Why can’t Muslim terrorists be just like us, wanting to live and just get laid”? I responded by saying, “Are you kidding me? They die to get laid.”

Take Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, the Muslim terrorist who was recently convicted for acquiring materials to build weapons of mass destruction, intended to destroy reservoirs and dams in Colorado and California, nuclear power plants, nightclubs in Dallas and even the home of former President George W. Bush. Outwardly, Khalid was a lover, not a savage.

“I met my language partner Sarah Rice Stender and she was nice and pretty, so I like her so much,”

Khalid the Romeo writes, adding:

“This maze represents my struggle in America, where I liked pretty girls. I bet if the Arab poets of love Abu Nawas and Imriul Qays saw them they would have left the Arab land forever.”

It’s too bad Sarah’s beauty could not tame Khalid, the beast.

Khalid is not the only one screwed up; Americans think that killing, dying for Jihad, or the support thereof represents merely a few extremists. Anyone who says otherwise (like myself) are the ones guilty of extremism. Perhaps entering the Muslim pack mentality in the community of South Plains might help. They acted surprised as Imam Samer al-Tabaa of the Islamic Center of South Plains stated his first lie:

“no one in the Saudi Community seemed to know Aldawsari,”

feeding into the circulating myth that Aldawsari was a lone wolf and an isolated Unabomber. Al-Tabaa added the typical second lie:

“Dawsari is an alien to Islam … he is an enemy to humanity.”

As to the first lie, Aldawsari had friends; he wrote on his blog: “my friends Rayif and A. Al-Ghamidi.” He knew a few Saudis in South Plains. The Lubbock Avalanche Journal that did the interview, failed even to ask him about Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, who was director of the Islamic Center of South Plains in Lubbock, and his asking Muslims to join Hamas. Was El-Shinqiti a UnaJihadist “alien to Islam” and “enemy to humanity” as well?

Putting aside Khalid, the ‘lone wolf’ and focusing on the pack should shock both Western media and the intelligence community that has failed so miserably when it comes to looking at terrorism and familial ties. Khalid Aldawsari has connections with members of the Ghamidi clan, who responded to the question that circulates the Middle East “why does the Ghamidi clan produce so many terrorists? Is the Ghamidi clan the spring of terrorism?” The Ghamidis respond with a list titled “Ghamidis the Mujahideen”. They pride themselves on having given two of their young men to the cause of the mass murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 – #3 Ahmed Ghamidi and #4 Hamza Saleh Ghamidi in destroying the South Tower in Manhattan.

In addition, we have the al-Qaeda martyrs list of the Muslims fallen in Afghanistan at the hands of the “American Crusaders;” #25 is Abdul-Rahman Ghamidi, #61 is Saeed Ghamidi and #134 is Abu Zubayr Ghamidi. Then you have a relative of Khalid Aldawsari (#130 Faisal Aldawsari) killed at Torah Bora while serving Al-Qaeda. Another Ghamidi (Sa’d al-Ghamidi) even sings for Osama Bin Laden.

Are these also “aliens to Islam,” rejected as terrorists in Arabic as Imam Tabaa says they are in English? Crowds can lie in unison. Ahmad Saleh Saeed Al-Qureshi Al-Ghamidi, a mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is even on the Ghamidi clan’s official websites ( and listing him as a “martyr” and a hero with comments like “definitely, sons to be proud of.” The Ghamidi martyrs list contains far too many names to include here.

Countless Muslim websites like declares they are “the lions of Manhattan. May Allah house them in paradise.” Songs and poetry are dedicated to them:

“on the command of Bin Laden we march to Manhattan … Bush, tomorrow your appointed time will come, remember.”

See for yourselves:

Khalid is not a lone wolf; he is backed by an entire pack, the wealthy and powerful Aldawsari clan, including the powerful Sheik Saud Bin Mut’ab, who hosted a support group for the terrorist defending him publicly while funding his legal team. The Aldawsari clan’s main website ( keeps track of everything that goes on, with every comment expressing support for the terrorists, linking to other supporting groups with titles “We are all Khalid Dawsari.”

The Aldawsaris are trouble. Mohammad al-Wada’ani Aldawsari openly calls for the removal of the Saudi kingdom and Khalid Aldawsari does not mind using his enemies’ help, stating in this court document (see page 10) that he was admitted into the United States via what he termed “the traitor of the two holy places”. This would be the King of Saudi Arabia himself, which sends his students to the United States, Aldawsari’s favorite target.

Another Aldawsari, the Saudi poet and well-known preacher is Hafiz bin ‘Ajab Aldawsari who, on March 14, 2012 devoted a sermon to Filiz Gelowicz, an imprisoned German jihad supporter and wife of Fritz Gelowicz, a German convert from the “Sauerland Cell,” which allegedly plotted attacks in Germany on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union in 2007. Hafiz Aldawsari urged Muslims to come to her aid – with donations and weapons – stating that freeing Muslim prisoners held by the “infidels” is a supreme religious duty.

How can anyone with the last name Aldawsari or Ghamidi be allowed into the U.S. if the Aldawsari clan – as well as Ghamidi clan – both openly support terrorism on their websites? The Aldawsari clan’s activities are easily accessible on youtube; they can be seen with AK47s supporting Mohammad al-Wada’ani Aldawsari in the open while firing machine guns and threatening to start a revolution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can also watch Aldawsari clan’s love of fireworks, using AK47s during the day…

…or at night…

In some cases, they even communicate with each other when lonely, right from their courtyards as if it was Morse code or smoke signals:

Dedicated specifically to Khalid Aldawsari are songs…

…and poetry…

Is this a lone wolf or was he simply separated from his agreeable pack? Whether before or after his conviction, nothing changed. Only 3 out of 71 comments by Saudis in USA say that justice was done; the rest is either still in denial or fully supports Aldawsari. To Muslims, loyalty comes before fact.

Before Khalid was caught, he prayed to be wed with Setender and convert her to Islam. “My last prayer is to be a martyr,” he added.

I predict that millions of Americans will die first before they wake up that Da’wa (call to Islam), and terrorism, goes hand-in-hand; one plays peace and the other uses intimidation through killing. While the terrorists like members of the Ghamidi clan destroy Manhattan, the Muslim evangelist pushes to construct a mosque on the rubble, and if all fails, he demands a mosque to be erected near it, as a symbol of victory. Feisal Abdul Rauf the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque known as Park 51, recently made statements of regret on Hannity (in English), stating that “the United States was an accessory to what happened on 9/11” (see 3:00)…

Yet, Rauf also meets with my first cousin, the Mufti of Ramallah, Ibrahim Khalil Awadallah Shoebat. Make no mistake, they are plotting and planning to Islamize the Americas with the Da’wa of Islam.

After all, who in the West besides me would blow the whistle on two of the Muftis brothers being known terrorists? One being Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat, killed by the Israelis while attempting to bomb innocent civilians in Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. His ‘martyrdom’ is identified on the official list of Martyrs of Bethlehem. Incidentally, it is a long list of hundreds of terrorists from the little town of Bethlehem. His other brother, Mahmud, was released after a deal was brokered by the United Nations.

Mufti Ibrahim wants the end of Israel, despite the fact that a Jew saved him from drowning in the Mediterranean, a subject he abhorred discussing with me the last time we met years ago.

Sadly and unfortunately, I’m afraid it will take millions of casualties before cowardly Americans confront Aldawsari’s God. Dare anyone describe that he is symptomatic of the real problem? On his blog, Aldawsari prays to that God as “Al-Jabbar al-Mutakabbir” (The Mighty, Most Proud). The Most Proud One, or the One filled with pride, as one of the 99 ‘beautiful’ names of Allah. Describing how important pride is to Allah, He, according to the prophet even cloaks Himself with it:

“Pride is My Wear, Supremacy is My Dress, I will break anyone who vies with me, and for them I do not care.” (Hadith)

While He is al-Raheem (the Merciful), He is also a tyrant; a double minded god with hundreds of millions of double minded, double-speaking, wolves that make up a gigantic pack. Khalid Aldawsari says it all:

“If the West has a policy for peace and freedom, then we have ours for peace and freedom, that is, war, until Allah completes his commandment.”

Perhaps it’s long past time for the sheep to start seeking the Shepherd.


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