Outrage: English Social Services seeks to Seize Newborn Baby because Mother is anti-Islam

Her name is Toni McLeod; she’s pregnant and her husband is fight for Great Britain in Afghanistan. At one time (no longer), she was a member of the anti-Islamic group known as the English Defence League (EDL). It is that prior membership that has caught the attention of British Social Services, who say that McLeod poses a threat to her now unborn child because she may radicalize it.

In fact, this is so outrageous that McLeod is being supported by a very liberal MP.

Via the Express UK:

…her cause has been taken up by Lib Dem MP John Hemming who, despite his loathing for the EDL, raised it in the Commons. He contrasts her treatment with that of the extremist Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, who was allowed to remain with his ­children when he was briefly remanded on bail earlier this year as the Government tries to deport him.

He said: “It raises a curious question as to why Abu Qatada is allowed to radicalise his children but the state won’t take the chance of allowing Toni McLeod to look after her baby in case she says something social workers won’t like.

“I am very strongly opposed to the EDL, which I believe to be a racist organisation, but I do not think we should remove all of the children of the people who go on their demonstrations, however misguided they may be.”

This is what happens when Islamic fundamentalists infiltrate the halls of power.

In this video, EDL’s Tommy Robinson is interviewed about this story and even brings up the notorious Anjem Choudary – a Salafist Muslim in Great Britain who seeks the overthrow of western civilization – to help make his point.

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