Wait a Minute; Huma wants Weiner to come clean??

Just when you thought there was no greater example of “projection”, something comes along that provides one. Enter Huma Abedin, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton; she is reportedly encouraging her husband – Anthony Weiner – to grant a tell-all interview (we’ll tell you why this is laughable after the jump).

Via the New York Post:

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife is trying to get him to pull a Bill Clinton . . . by giving a tell-all interview, that is.

Sources close to Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, tell The Post she has been pushing her husband to do a single interview — as Bubba did amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal — that would be the final word on the sexting mess that ended Weiner’s career in Congress last year.

She believes it would clear the air once and for all and allow him to move forward, the sources said.

“She wants to figure out how to get all this behind them so they can get back on track, but he’s still in denial,” said a source close to Abedin.

If Weiner had any sense, he would demand that his wife grant a tell-all interview about her familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Both of Huma Abedin’s parents are closely connected to Al-Qaeda Godfather Abdullah Omar Naseef; her mother (Saleha Abedin) is one of 63 leaders with the Muslim Sisterhood; and Huma’s brother has served on a board with both Naseef and Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

Back to the Post article:

Abedin believes Bill Clinton’s “60 Minutes’’ interview in 2004 and his memoir, “My Life,” helped rehabilitate his reputation after the world learned of his affair with Lewinsky.

Weiner, meanwhile, was reluctant to answer any questions about his future.

He called the report about Huma urging an interview “pure fiction,” and declined to comment on going back into politics.

Still, sources say Abedin wants him to be more aggressive in preparing for his future.

Weiner has been struggling to find work outside of politics, two other sources told The Post.

“Nobody wants to hire Anthony; he can’t find a job,” said a political consultant who employs one of the ex-congressman’s former staffers who still speaks to him.

Another Democrat consultant said: “Huma’s panicked he can’t find a job. She’s quite angry because no one she thought would help him has helped him.”

If Weiner actually woke up, perhaps he could fight for his country by demanding that his wife’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood be investigated.

Then again, per another Post article last year, Weiner said there were three women he had to convince that he was cured of his sexual condition. Based on these new reports, he doesn’t seem to have convinced his Muslim Brotherhood-connected wife.

Ain’t it something how men really mess up Hillary’s life?


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