Video: Andrew McCarthy Press Conference on Muslim Brotherhood Penetration

Today, at the National Press Club, the prosecutor of the Blind Sheikh – Andrew McCarthy – gave a press conference the expounded on the penetration of the U.S. Government by the Muslim Brotherhood. As you can imagine, Huma Abedin was a main focal point. McCarthy explained why Huma’s access is so alarming. He again reiterated that her possession of a security clearance is not about whether she personally has done anything wrong; it’s about the affiliations of her family members and how they could create a conflict of interest.

Guilt by association, as McCarthy points out, is avoided in cases of a criminal proceeding as a matter of course but in cases of gaining a security clearance for a position like the one Huma holds at the State Department, associations are a central component to denying someone that clearance.

Not only that but McCarty goes into great detail about how ridiculous it is for someone like Huma to hold the position she does when her history with al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Nasseef is factored in. Watch the whole thing if you can but if pressed for time, fast forward to the 20 minute mark.



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