Letter from our contact in Pakistan

The following is a letter Keith received from his contact in Pakistan. Please read the on-the-ground report about what is going on in places Americans rarely think about. We have posted below in its original form.

Who will take Christians?

Since the creation of Pakistan, minorities have been going through persecution. Christians, Hindus and Ahmedi’s are always targeted by the majority of Muslims in different ways and levels. However from 1980s the persecution was taken up to the extreme level by political leadership, religious leadership and military agencies creating unrest amongst the minorities. Blasphemy laws, Shariah laws, forceful abduction and conversion to Islam had put the minorities in to the grave situation. A wild wave of sectarianism has overwhelmed our society, resulting daily in extreme religious prejudice. Armed religious extremists are playing havoc in our society. A situation of religious intolerance is suffocating in our lives whilst the doors of dialogue are being closed. Religious fundamentalism has grown beyond all proportions.
In 80s
The Ahmedi’s started their reallocating process by getting asylums in Germany, Canada and in other European countries and they have moved half of their community from Pakistan. Similarly two days ago, Pakistani government as well as an administration came to know that within two days almost 300 Hindu families had migrated to India because of the rape and abduction of Hindu girls and forcefully converting them to Islam. The kidnapping of Hindu businessmen and girls became the daily practice of the Muslim majority. Christians also face the similar kind of persecution in Pakistan. But the Silence of the Church and western world are putting Christians into more danger. Western countries never announce any polices to grant a refugee status for the Christians of Pakistan. Christian are facing daily persecution in Pakistan and they desires to get out of Pakistan however the question arises here, who will take Christians of Pakistan? Where possibly they can go to secure the future of their children.

Once again, we find it striking that the religion that most demands religious tolerance seems to consist of the most intolerant adherents.