Obama Administration Supports Islamists In Syria, But Stops Revolution Against The Hitler of Sudan

By Theodore Shoebat

The support of the rebels in Syria, and the condemnation of Assad, by the Obama administration can only make one question as to why he is against this particular regimen, but not that of Omar al-Bashir, the tyrant who has been responsible for the deaths of millions through the Jihad that he has commenced against Christians and the non-Arab Muslims of Darfur.

In fact, Obama had at one point in time prevented Salva Kiir, president of South Sudan, from aiding rebels who wanted to topple al-Bashir’s regimen, and replace it with a secular government. According to former U.S. envoy to Sudan, Andrew Natsios:

“On November 12, Agar, Hilu, and the three major rebel leaders in Darfur formally announced a new alliance to depose Bashir’s Islamist autocracy (the Sudanese affiliate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood) and install a secular democratic pluralist state. Khartoum has accused the South Sudanese government of supplying the rebel alliance with weapons. The Obama administration repeated the charge. That led to an acrimonious meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir late last year. The South has since stopped weapons transfers.”

The atrocities orchestrated by Bashir, alongside with his uncle Eltayeb Mustafa, has resulted in the deaths of over three-million people; what is occurring in Syria, on the other hand, is a completely different situation. The former is an Islamic fundamentalist government, ran by the Muslim Brotherhood, massacring Christians, and others, for the sake of advancing Islam and its code of jurisprudence, Sharia. While the latter is a regimen protecting its power from being toppled by fundamentalist Sunni Muslims, who are fighting to cleanse Syria from those who differ with them religiously: the Christians, the Shia, the Druze, and the Alawites.

Many will object to this by saying that not all of the rebels are Islamists, and while this must be acknowledged, the fact is that the moderates in Syria are not of the preponderating factor, and have quite a minuscule influence compared to the Islamic fundamentalists. Case in point, The leaders of the moderate Syrian National Council (SNC), who were funding the major rebel group in Syria, the Islamic fundamentalist Free Syrian Army, have now went into exile.

Kapil Komireddi, writing for the New York Times, had interviewed Christians and Muslims in Syria who are witnessing the coming of Islamism in their nation:

A churchgoing Syrian told me that he used to see himself primarily as “Syrian” and that religious identity, in political terms, was an idea that never occurred to him — until an opposition gang attacked his family earlier this year in Homs. “It’s a label they pinned on us,” he said. “If their revolution is for everyone, as they keep insisting it is, why are Christians being targeted? It is because what they are waging is not a struggle for freedom, and it’s certainly not for everyone.”

In March, 80,0000 Syrian Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Hamidiya and Bustan al-Diwan in Homs Province, on account of the terrorism from the Free Syrian Army.

Mother Agnes Mariam, Superior of the Melkite Greek Catholic monastery of St James the Mutilated in Qara, in Syria’s diocese of Homs, said that the reporting of the media on the violence of Assad is “a fake”, and “partial and untrue”. According to her, the toppling of the Assad regime would lead to “a religious sectarian state where all minorities would feel threatened and discriminated against”. She had also made her warning against Western support of the rebels:

“The West and Gulf states must not give finance to armed insurrectionists who are sectarian terrorists, most of whom are from al-Qaeda, according to a report presented to the German parliament”.

In fact, only a few Syrians, according to Agnes Mariam, are even a part of the revolution:

“We don’t want to be invaded, as in Aleppo, by mercenaries, some of whom think they are fighting Israel. They bring terror, destruction, fear and nobody protects the civilians,” she said. There were “very few Syrians among the rebels”, she said. “Mercenaries should go home,” she said.

Set Zaynab, another interviewee, and a Sunni shopkeeper, has attributed the killings of Shiite Muslims in Syria to Saudi Arabian Wahhabi influence. “I wanted Assad to go because he is corrupt,” he said. “But what happened here, what they did, it scared me. It made me angry. I cannot support the murder of my neighbors in the name of change. You cannot bring democracy by killing innocent people or by burning the shrines of Shiites. Syrians don’t do that. This is the work of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia”.

Both Christians and Alawites are bearing arms to fight on the side of Assad against the Islamic fundamentalists who have been ravaging their nation.

The opposition toward Assad by the Obama administration should only make us question his sentiments; for when rebels in Darfur had wished to topple the great holocauster Omar al-Bashir, who is responsible for the slaughter of more than half the number of the Jews whom Hitler had butchered, Obama had objected, and even had a meeting with the South Sudanese president to preclude his support for the attempted ousting of the tyrant.

So before we let the media arouse our idealism of bringing freedom and democracy for the whole world, we must observe the facts, that while Obama is calling for the downfall of Bashar al-Assad, he has prevented a revolt against a tyrant who is truly against some of the great ideals of America: freedom and justice for all.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of For God or For Tyranny


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