Explosive Exclusive: The Abedin “Affairs” with Al Saud

Regular visitors to our site are quite familiar with our discoveries when it comes to the Abedin family’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The one entity left-wing media outlets are twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid explaining is the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA). This is the one organization that is covered with Huma Abedin’s fingerprints; she served as Assistant Editor for at least 12 years.

What we bring to you today is the force behind the IMMA and make no mistake; it is a force. It is the House of Saud. The Royal family gave birth to the IMMA and has nurtured it to further one sole purpose – to turn Muslim minority nations into Muslim majority nations.

This document is historic; it is explosive; and it will unequivocally demonstrate that when the West seeks to find the source of radical Islamic fundamentalism, it need look no further than where its heart is – Saudi Arabia.

If you’re the same person after reading this, you should pinch yourself because you may still be asleep.



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