Video: Rep. Steve King standing with Michele Bachmann

It looks like the Bachmann five has now finally become the Bachmann six as Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has expressed support for the concerns of Bachmann, et. al. about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government in general and Huma Abedin’s ties to the Brotherhood in particular. At a town hall meeting, King expressed solidarity with Bachmann when asked about Abedin.

Via Huffington Post:

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) suggested Monday that the family of Huma Abedin — a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — is “deeply entrenched” in the Muslim Brotherhood, echoing a controversial crusade launched by his Tea Party allies in the House.

Earlier this summer, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and four other conservative firebrands sent letters to several federal agencies inquiring about whether the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the government. The letters named Abedin as a possible interloper.

At a town hall meeting in Le Mars, Iowa, King was asked whether he knows anything about the GOP lawmakers’ efforts to expose Abedin’s alleged ties to the Islamic movement.

“The things I am hearing from people doing investigations beyond what we see in the news indicate very strongly to me that her family network, her network, is deeply entrenched in the Muslim Brotherhood,” King responded. “That’s what I see from the news, and that’s what I see from the investigative reports that have not yet been published. And I think it’s a legitimate question that’s been raised, and we ought to examine it.”

The number of Congressmen out of 535 that are supporting Bachmann’s efforts now officially stands at 6.

The good news? Bachmann, et. al. now represents 1% of Congress.

The bad news? It’s still under 1.5%.


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