Andrew Bostom: Are U.S. Troops in Afghanistan being sacrificed at the Altar of Denial?

Andrew Bostom’s latest piece, Army Report Buried Islamic Motivations for Afghan Murders of US Troops, over at American Thinker should get your dander up a bit:

On May 12, 2011 a US Army “Red Team” issued an unclassified report which purported to explain the burgeoning rash of murderous attacks (which have since escalated even further, still) by Afghan National Army (ANA) members on US and other NATO troops.

Although the report is dominated by apologetic, cultural relativist drivel which attempts, in vain, to explain away these acts of murder committed against the US and NATO troops by their by ANA “allies,” it also includes a crudely buried, sub rosa truthful narrative.

This latter discussion is all that matters, and bears full, clear exposure — particularly in light of the morally dubious excuse for the most recent spate of such killings of US troops. Specifically, General Allen in a pronouncement for which he should be forced to resign, maintained that Ramadan fasting, combined with operational tempo during the summer heat, were the drivers of these most recent killings of his own troops by Muslim ANA soldiers.

What General Allen willfully ignores was laid out, albeit clumsily camouflaged, using plain language, fifteen months ago in the “Red Team” report.

How much more proof do we need that our biggest problem is our own closed eyes?

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