Half of Democratic Delegates anti-God and anti-Israel?

It’s more than safe to say that well more than one-third of Democratic Party delegates are both godless and reject Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel. The video below will clearly demonstrate that.

First, this all started when it was learned that the Democrats took out of the Party platform any reference to ‘God’ or to ‘Jerusalem’ being the capital of Israel. This caused such a backlash that Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ultimately presided over a voice vote on two amendments introduced by former Ohio Democrat Governor, Ted Strickland, to have those two words placed back into the platform.

For Strickland’s motions to be passed a two-thirds ‘Aye’ voice vote from the floor was required. As you will clearly see, Democratic leadership had an agenda to put those two words back into the platform for only one possible reason – political expediency. Two-thirds should be quite easy to discern for Mayor Villaraigosa. Yet, he had such a difficult time doing so that he called for three voice votes before coming to the conclusion that the ‘ayes’ had it.

The very fact that Villaraigosa had to do so should have given it to the ‘no’s’. It was as if he was trying to discern a 50/50 vote.

As you will both see and hear, the notion that two-thirds of the delegates wanted ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’ back in the platform is absurd. It’s obvious that at least half did not, which, once again reinforces the views of most conservatives; it’s the Democratic Party that is the party of godlessness and is anti-Israel. One very plausible reason for the anti-Israel sentiment could include a rise in the number of Muslim delegates at the Democratic National Convention. Newsmax reports that the number has climbed to 100 in 2012 from 43 in 2008.

Via C-Span:

DNC Chairman and the Democratic Party’s most blatant and perpetual liar – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – essentially proved that the removal of Jerusalem from the platform in the first place was not a technical oversight. Why? Well, because she said that it was. Some people lie so often that it’s a much safer bet to believe the opposite of what they say. Wasserman-Schultz is such an individual.

Note also what Wasserman-Schultz says about Obama himself believing that Jerusalem “is and always will be the capital of Israel”. If that’s true, Debbie, then why did at least two people who are essentially mouthpieces for the Obama administration – Secretary of State spokesman Victoria Nuland and White House press secretary Jay Carney – intentionally avoid identifying Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

Here is Nuland in May of this year:

Here is Carney in July of this year:

If Obama’s position is that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, why did both of those individuals refuse to express that view?

That brings us back to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being a liar.

Did I mention it’s best to believe the opposite of everything she says?

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the book, Unsung Davids


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