American Thinker’s Stella Paul explores the Clinton / Abedin / Weiner ‘soap opera’ dynamic

Stella Paul looks at the similarities and dysfunctions of four powerful and very politically connected individuals; she even refers to this bizarre dynamic as a ‘soap opera’ while describing Huma Abedin’s 2007 Vogue photo shoot.

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The photo of Huma statuesquely displayed on a chair drew attention, as did the eyebrow-raising descriptions of Huma’s and Hillary’s mutual adoration. That attention intensified as Hillary became secretary of state and installed Huma as her top aide. Mumblings could be heard about the nature of their relationship and the unusual background of Huma, who grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Someday we may look back upon the intern scandals of the Clinton White House with amazement at our preoccupation with Bill, Monica Lewinsky, and cigars. The bigger scandal may have been in First Lady Hillary’s office, where Huma Abedin waltzed into her internship as a new college graduate, despite her screamingly obvious Muslim Brotherhood family ties.

Paul then wades into the speculation pond:

Now, let’s pave the way for Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s national joke of a husband, to make an appearance. Somewhere in 2010, the Clintons may have decided that their public embrace of Huma as their “second daughter” wasn’t quite cutting it anymore, and they needed to set up a more conventional-looking arrangement.

Enter Anthony Weiner, the bachelor congressman with a panting lust to be mayor of New York. I suggest that, in classic Clintonian fashion, a deal was struck. The Clintons would endorse Weiner for mayor if he would marry Huma Abedin.

The situation was win-win for everyone. The rumors about Hillary immediately subsided, which pleased Bill, who plans to make her president. Weiner gained the backing of the formidable Clinton machine, thereby sprinting to frontrunner status in the highly competitive mayoralty race. And Huma got to keep her top-secret security clearance at State, and look forward to the day when she could pray in the Ground Zero mosque, gazing down at the World Trade Center site as first lady of New York City.

Far-fetched? Keep reading…

If you don’t think the Weiner-Abedin union is a political deal, ask yourself: on what basis could it possibly be anything else? Shortly after their marriage, Weiner committed a Twitterectomy of his career, tweeting lewd photos of himself to young women around the country. But in addition to being a cheating pervert, Weiner is widely known as a nutcase, exposed in the New York Times for temper tantrums that left him unable to keep staff. And he has no money, thereby rendering him unable to provide Huma with the glamorous lifestyle she requires.

Most importantly of all, Weiner is not a Muslim. Huma’s religion allows Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women, but forbids Muslim women from marrying outside the faith. Yet Huma remained unsullied by honor killing threats from the usual Islamic enforcers; instead, the party line seemed to be that Huma’s marriage was adorable.

Even now, the outrageous Clintonian shenanigans continue. We’ve just learned that Huma, her unemployed husband Anthony, and their baby Jordan are moving into a $3.3-million Park Avenue apartment owned by a longtime Clinton crony and top Obama bundler. You and I may have to live within our means, but in Clinton World, such rules never seem to apply.

That the practicing Muslim Huma married the Jewish Weiner could perhaps best be explained by Muruna.

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