CAIR Tweets: ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ responsible for Muslim Riots

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) bills itself as a Muslim Civil Rights group, which is ostensibly supposed to fight for Muslim minorities in America to have the same rights that non-Muslims in Americans have.

Among those rights is freedom of speech, which is something that the maker of the Anti-Muslim film that allegedly ‘sparked deadly riots’ across the Middle East was engaged in when he made the film. Yet, CAIR is feeding the narrative that the film is what sparked the riots while calling the man behind it a ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ (have you ever heard CAIR refer to left-wing extremists in a pejorative manner?).

If CAIR is saying that the film ‘sparked’ the ‘Deadly riots’, is it saying the producer of the film had no legal basis for producing it? Besides, we already know that the film is not responsible for the riots. It was a coordinated effort designed to pass laws in Egypt that would criminalize criticism of Islam or its prophet.

Once again, CAIR shows its true colors. Instead of denouncing the Islamic mobs, it sides with them by attacking the filmmaker as a ‘Right-Wing Extremist’.


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