Obama’s Kamikaze Presidential Election

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Keith Davies

Many conservatives have been depressed about the latest polling results from the mainstream media-sponsored groups like Gallup and many other pollsters who put Obama ahead by 4-6 points after the “bounce” after the DNC convention.

On top of this, Romney continues to play it safe, careful not to offend the “independents” by pledging to keep elements of Obamacare. Romney may play it safe but our good ally Israel, with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu leading the charge, seems to know how to campaign better for the Republicans than the Republicans do themselves.

Hot off the disaster of the DNC convention – and yes, it was a disaster for the Democrats – the most extreme elements of the political left was on display, with speech after speech about contraception, abortion rights, gay rights, union rights, and venomous attacks beyond political rhetoric. Let’s also not forget excuse after excuse for the failures of the Obama regime. The booing of G-d and the statement platform that removed Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, which was put back, despite what appeared to be at least 50% of the delegates in attendance rejecting the reinsertion of G-d and Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. What was not changed back from the last convention in 2008 was the change that Hamas should now be recognized and taken off the terrorist list, when prior the platform in 2008 outlawed Hamas, which most of the media did not report. All this is on display for the American people. We the people are better than this charade called the Democratic Party.

It appears Netanyahu has made a shrewd move and exploited further the perceived weakness in support for Israel by the Obama regime, contrary to 65% of Americans who strongly support Israel as an ally and friend which will certainly be key for many Jewish voters in Florida and Ohio, two states Romney has to win in order to secure the election. Netanyahu desperately needs a Republican in the White House for Israel to realistically have America’s support in its struggle with Iran and the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whether publicly or behind the scenes through security leaks, Obama has been putting great pressure on Israel not to attack Iran but does not seem to be overly concerned about putting the necessary pressure on Iran. Netanyahu set the trap and requested a meeting. It was a win / win situation, which Obama would lose no matter how he answered. If President Obama said yes and met with Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel could exploit the meeting to reinforce American support and leak information from the meeting to embarrass Obama, so as to provide campaign fodder for the Republicans. When President Obama said no, it was immediately released by Prime minister Netanyahu which exposed Obama to further criticism and should drive pro Israel Jewish voters who are Democrats, to vote for Romney or at least not vote at all.

What is puzzling is Obama’s overt animus against Israel – and so close to the election, when he depends on both Jewish financial support for his campaign and obviously votes in key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia. These states all have a significant Jewish electorate which could make a big difference in a close election. This is especially the case in Florida and Ohio. Obama won Florida in 2008 by only 236,450 votes where the Jewish population is 638,450. A 10-25% loss of that vote could make a big difference. In Ohio, with a Jewish population of 149,000 and a Obama victory in 2008 of only 262,224 votes, a strong Jewish turnout for Romney could be a big factor. These two states are crucial for Romney and without both it will be very difficult for him to win. So why would Obama jeopardize the election by alienating the Jewish pro-Israel Democrats?

Two things are at play; Obama hates Israel so much that he thinks he can invigorate his far left base by going against Israel, which will make up for the pro-Israel part of his party which may help him squeak through, or he believes that his chances of reelection are already close to zero. The polls we see in the media are slanted and not accurate but between the tea leaves, we can see a reality that Romney is leading among independents by 10 points. Obama now only leads among women by 1 point while Romney is leading the male vote by over 10 points. Obama failed to knock out Romney with negative personal ads and based on the statistics, it seems that there is no way Obama can win and he knows it, based on his own pollsters who report to him with more accurate numbers. It appears the President has decided to make his agenda against Israel his number one issue prior to leaving office in January 2013.

Hitler, when he was losing the war, made it a top priority to keep the trains that carried Jews to the death camps running, even ahead of military priorities. It made no sense but it is the way of evil and the hatred of G-d. Obama has made a conscious decision to abandon Israel with the complete proof when a couple of days ago the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, said “he does not want US forces to be complicit in any Israeli strike in Iran.” This was a proxy statement from the Commander in Chief himself to say, “Israel you are on your own.”

It looks like Bible prophecy is right on the button.


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