Egypt’s Sinister Ties With North Sudan

By Theodore Shoebat

Omar al-Bashir’s visit to Egypt is only a sign of the sinisterism of the new Egyptian revolutionary government of Mohammad Mursi. Omar al-Bashir is a most horrid tyrant, a mass murderer and a Hitler of our time. The fact that al-Bashir was behind the recent attacks on the German and British embassies, and the fact that there is a connection found between the Mursi government and the 9/11 attack in Libya, indicates a further sinister motive in the alliance between the two Muslim countries.

We also cannot forget that both Egypt and North Sudan are ruled by Muslim brotherhood governments. So what does this tell us about Egypt? That it is no “moderate” nation; and it is also an indication that Egypt is interested in further configuring a confederacy of Sunni nations against the West. So strong is the Islamic fervor in North Sudan, that just days ago the U.S. ordered American personal (except for emergency personal) and their family members out of North Sudan, and even warned all Americans against visiting that country.

In fact, the North Sudanese government in its capitol city of Khartoum, rejected the request of the U.S. to send an American marine anti-terrorism unit to protect the U.S. embassy which had come under attack by Muslim mobs.

Al-Bashir’s responsibility for the attacks is made clearer by a group called Sudan Change Now, who stated that the attacks in Khartoum were “the result of the policies of purposeful misinformation and propaganda and hate speech of the regime,” that is, the government of al-Bashir. The group also attributed the attacks on the newspaper “Al-Intibaha”, which is ran by al-Bashir’s uncle Eltayeb Mustafa, who I have written on extensively.

But, who did Mustafa’s newspaper ascribe the violence to? The United States. A typical response by all Islamists:

“We’re weary of the shameless American hypocrisy, which claims to support the Arab revolution in its fight for dignity, human rights and democracy. At the same time, it closes its eyes against those who denigrate Islam and Muslims. Not only that: It even supports them.”

The newspaper also called for America and “their Israeli allies” to stop all criticisms of Islam. Of course, the Left would agree with this, since it always complies with mobs like itself. Such a despotic and terroristic nation such as North Sudan allying itself with Mursi only further signifies the dangerous motives of Egypt, and their Islamic alliance.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.