DHS Secretary Napolitano: Anti-Muhammad film ‘deplorable’, Murder of Americans ‘senseless’

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) may be a nice guy but this exchange demonstrates perfectly why he has no business being the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Watch as he asks DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano a question based on an absurd and very irrelevant premise. Specifically, he wants to know how the Muslim world can be made to understand that the anti-Muhammad video is “not representative of… the American Government”.

Also, take note of how many times Napolitano calls the film, ‘deplorable’ while calling the murder of Americans – to include our Ambassador to that country – as little more than ‘senseless’.

The fact that the film is even being discussed is what’s deplorable. What should be getting the lion’s share of attention is the acts of war that were perpetrated against the United States, to include the penetration of our embassies and the killing of our citizens.

After watching U.S. Officials, one is left with the impression that the film is worse than an attack on sovereign U.S. territory.

Via CNS News:

Here is Lieberman in cartoon form:


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