Explosive Report Hors d’oeuvre…

While this isn’t the explosive report we have been promising you, here is something to chew on in the meantime. We find the information posted at Atlas Shrugs to be consistent with what we will be publishing.

The man portrayed as perhaps the biggest victim in the whole anti-Muhammad film controversy has been the producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. He is the one who was retrieved from his home by Los Angeles Police officers in the middle of the night with his entire head covered – a man whose first amendment rights were being trampled on.

Quite a sympathetic figure, right?

It’s been widely reported that the actors who appeared in “Innocence of Muslims” said they were deceived and misled about what they were taking part in.

Now, the man who owns the facility that Nakoula used to produce the film is speaking out as well. Joseph Nassralla gave a statement to Pamela Geller, who posted it to her blog. Here is a portion of that statement:

There has been a campaign of disinformation and smears about the film “Innocence of Muslims” and my involvement in it. I have been forced to leave my home, and I have received numerous death threats. It grieves me that my intent was to call attention to the relentless, bloody persecution of the Copts, but that issue is of no interest to the media at all. But the hounding by the media and the ongoing Muslim violence forces me to issue a statement setting the record straight.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula called me last year. He said to me, “I know you are protesting the persecution of Christians, the forced conversions, and the killing of innocent Christians while they are worshipping, as well as the burning of the churches in Egypt and the kidnapping of Christian girls for forced conversion.”

He told me that he was making a film about Christian persecution, and that it would examine the culture of the desert and how it is related to what is going on right now. The name of Nakoula’s film, he told me, was Desert Warrior.

So the movie that I was told about turned out to be a completely different movie from “Innocence of Muslims.”

Nakoula needed a place to film. So I let him use my facility – that is all I did, and is the full extent of my involvement with this project. Nakoula used my facility for ten days. Media for Christ employees were given a vacation during that time, because Nakoula was using the facility and so there was no work for them. There was only one Media for Christ employee who remained, to answer phones for the ministry.

I later discovered that Nakoula, using the name Sam Bacile, had gone to LA Films as producer of Desert Warrior, and used the name of my organization, Media for Christ, to obtain the permit he needed. He did so without my knowledge or permission.

So, is there anything to all of these charges of deception?

The answer to that question is but a handful of sand from our sandbag.

Stay tuned…


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