Contact in Pakistan relays new details of attack on Church

The following is an account from our contact in Pakistan:

More than 7000 fanatics entered the Church compound in Mardan. They were carrying petrol. Right after entering the premises, they started beating a Christian. Afterward, they burned St. Paul’s Lutheran church, St. Paul’s school building, the house of Principal of St. Paul High School as well as the houses of Pastors in the same compound.

This one incident has struck fear into the heart of the Christian community in Pakistan. I called Rt. Rev. Bishop Humphrey Peter, the Bishop of Peshawar who is presently in Geneva. He told me that St. Paul’s Church, St.Paul’s School and the houses of principal and Presbyter in-charge, along with the vehicle have been burnt by a mob which amassed almost 8000.

They had brought the petrol with them to set fire to the church. He had request the Christian community to keep the Christians of Mardan and Peshawar in your prayers.

We would request you to keep Christians of Pakistan in your prayers.

Thought you’d want to know.


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