Video: Islamists Attack Christians In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat

The Jihadist motives of the Syrian revolution are revealing themselves more and more every day. Just yesterday it was reported that the Christian village of Rablah has been taken hostage; the perpetuators involved are Lebanese Islamists from a terrorist group called Ahmad Ammoun.

As I said yesterday, these thugs will be found out to be interconnected with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and it turns out that my suspicion was correct. Both Ahmad Ammoun and the FSA are Salafist, and both have waged attacks on Christians and Alawite Muslims. According to a reporter named Ghassan Qansoh, they were 211 Christians taken hostage by these thugs, and that 40 of them have been so far released. He also stated:

We have also received information about the participation of armed Lebanese in the attack on the town. They are led by a Lebanese called Ahmad Ammoun. …

it was mentioned that the armed groups had given the town’s residents a 10-day period to hand over a few people from the Alawite sect, and if their demands were not met, that they would relaunch another attack on the town.

Here is the video of the report, subtitled in English:

Ahmad Ammoun, following in the footsteps of their prophet Muhammad, has been notorious for raiding villages in Syria. They have been heavily involved in illegal weapons smuggling, and the wanton slaughter of innocents. Here is a video of a caught member of Ahmad Ammoun confessing to his murderous crimes:

If only people can see that what is going on in Syria is not a mindless dictator killing at random, but an attempted invasion of Syria by Islamists coming from within the country, and from outside of it.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny


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