Exclusive: ‘Innocence of Muslims’… a Game of Predators and Scapegoats

Walid Shoebat

The Innocence of Muslims and the spark of an Islamic revolution can be linked to a handful of culprits. The mystery is unlocked when we review the original YouTube page of one named Sam Bacile (the same name attributed to the filmmaker at one time). Bacile forgot to cover his tracks, leaving two links to three very crucial videos. On the “Feed” tab are two of those videos.

One features a Muslim named Wisam Abdul Waris, uploaded to YouTube on September 9th (linked from the Bacile page no later than September 10th). Wisam’s video was uploaded to Bacile’s page because Bacile commented on the video. Yet, when one attempts to view the comments, all have been scrubbed and the comment feature disabled, though the comment allegedly made by Sam Bacile appears on the “Feed” tab, just above the video.

Here is a screen shot of the Sam Bacile YouTube page:

The second video on the Sam Bacile “Feed” tab is none other Nader Bakkar, from as far back as May of 2012. This video was added to Bacile’s YouTube page as a “Favorite” about one week prior to the embassy attack in Cairo on 9/11.

The third video is on the “Likes” tab of the Sam Bacile YouTube page. It consists of an interview with an English speaking western woman who converted to Islam.

Why would a supposed Christian filmmaker “like” this video?

Who are these two named Wisam Abdul Waris and Nader Bakkar?

Waris and Bakkar, the two main interests on Sam Bacile’s YouTube channel, were the two men we identified back on September 13th as being the two primary culprits behind the Cairo riots on 9/11.

These two have been conspicuously absent, all along, from all western media narratives. For example, days after the attacks in Egypt and Libya, Reuters reported an incomplete narrative that the “flashpoint” of the violence was when Sheikh Khalid Abdallah on Al-Nas TV in Egypt aired portions of the film Innocence of Muslims.

The clip Reuters is referring to (uploaded September 9th) was a TV interview on al-Nas, where Sheikh Khalid Abdallah interviewed an activist named Mohammad Hamdy, who was engaged in a blatant form of guilt by association, creating a link between the Copts in Egypt and the Copts in the Diaspora. He blamed all Copts worldwide, not just the ones involved in the film.

Then came these two on September 9th, Wisam Abdul Waris, a Salafist who announced the formation of a new organization, the Coalition of Dar al-Hekma, an activist group wanting to enforce blasphemy laws worldwide and especially in the West. Nader Bakkar was the head of the Nour Salafist party, who gladly announced his new membership in the coalition on the day these two condemned the film.

Contrary to what Reuters reported, what caused the riots was when Waris called in to Khalid to promote them. Khalid simply asked for the date and accepted the invitation. The details and evidence of how the riots erupted by these two was explained here. The rest is history.

The conclusion is that all evidence reveals a small circle of predators—the filmmaker and two individuals prominently displayed on the Sam Bacile YouTube channel.

Wisam and Bakkar planned and executed the riots.

But this is not the rest of the story.

These predators wanted scapegoats. Arab media continues to look for someone to blame for Innocence of Muslims. Al-Ahram, the most prominent newspaper out of Egypt—and a litany of other Arab media, ignores these predators and insists that three Copts are to blame:

Fingers still point to the three names who make up the sides of the dark triangle behind the film…

…says al-Ahram newspaper, adding that…

One of the most important sides of this triangle is Father Zakaria Boutros.

Boutros’s crime was that he was involved in al-Hayat, a ministry in which he openly debates Islamic doctrine. His critique of Islam earned him the title as the most hated man in Egypt.

The other most wanted, according to Al-Ahram, was “Joseph Nasrallah”, whom it identifies as the…

…owner of a TV program called The Way and runs a media organization and Christian charity in Los Angeles, called Media for Christ.

When it came to Nasrallah, Al-Ahram reported…

200 people besieged his family’s home in Giza to kill his mother and his two brothers.

While thugs can pinpoint Nasrallah’s family in Egypt, it remains a mystery that no one was able to pinpoint the relatives of scapegoat number three – the filmmaker himself – despite his statements that the funding for the film came from his wife’s family in Egypt.

Several predatory Islamic websites have a history of posting details that included photos of homes, documents, mapping and even home loan documents while asking other Muslims to help hunt down activist Copts living in the Diaspora.

The Copts are the best scapegoats to set up for serious trouble.

While the filmmaker is put on trial in the United States, the system gives free reign to terrorists and predators who are not simply crying ‘fire’ in a theatre; they are calling first to burn it.

There is apparently no illegality in disseminating information that solicits the murder of Copts who are blamed, regardless of facts. Flimsy evidence is used to make any case that these critiques of Islam deserve execution via mob rule.

Al-Ahram even recognizes that a man by the name of “Ahmed Hamdy” was behind Innocence of Muslims, but suddenly this Ahmed Hamdy must be a Copt disguised as Muslim. Why? Al-Ahram explains:

During this period, Zakaria Boutros created a Paltalk chat room on the Internet in 2002 to raise suspicions against Islam and the Koran, which sparked outrage in Egypt and the Muslim world. This prompted Pope Shenouda to issue a decision to excommunicate him from the church. A revelation from a human rights activist [Khalid al-Masri] stated: ‘One day a person claiming to be a Muslim named Ahmed Hamdy entered Zakaria Boutros’ Paltalk room and requested a debate with Zakaria in front of all visitors… Zakaria Boutros agreed and this person, who claims to be Ahmed Hamdy declared his conversion publicly to Christianity before all visitors in the room.

According to al-Masri, this Ahmed Hamdy is the filmmaker:

After the uproar caused by Nakoula’s film, he [Nakoula] contacted the American Radio Sawa and what we found as researchers at the National Center was that the voice in the interview with Radio Sawa was the same voice of Ahmed Hamdy who debated Zakaria Boutros in his Paltalk room. This is the same person who claimed during his contact with the American Associated Press that he was an Israeli Jew named Sam Basile and what followed was that the Agency [Associated Press] tracked his phone to discover his name was Nakoula Basile Nakoula, revealed his criminal record, and found the case of bank fraud in which he was sentenced, fined $750,000 dollars, and not permitted to use the Internet for five years.

Al-Masri stated that the voice compared from that dialogue with Boutros in 2002 was matched to the same voice of the man who claims to be Nakoula during his interview with Sawa in September of 2012.

Al-Masri concludes:

Ahmed Hamdy was just a pseudonym and was not a Muslim; he was a Copt from the Diaspora named Elijah Basile, also known as Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, director and writer of the screenplay [Innocence of Muslims].

Though no one was able to confirm which of the names the filmmaker used is his real name or even what his real name is, this revelation of a switch from Ahmed Hamdy to Nakoula only came after the film became known. Court documents do reveal that the filmmaker used the name Ahmed Hamdy extensively while he was embezzling money with my first cousin, Eiad Salameh and was captured during Operation Mountain Express, which would become a huge investigation into pseudoephedrine-dealing that was linked to money going to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization.

While no evidence has yet surfaced that pinpoints the true name or origin of the man behind Innocence of Muslims, the media continues the narrative that a religious Copt is solely responsible for the whole mess and oh, by the way, that Copt is now in jail.

The BBC reported that the filmmaker’s supposed church membership in the U.S. isn’t as it has been portrayed, quoting the Bishop of the Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles as saying the filmmaker “disappears for many months” and “…is not a regular member.”

Why he sporadically visited a Coptic church remains unknown. Sawa (Arab radio) aired an interview in which the alleged filmmaker stated that he is not even interested in Christianity, adding that some day he would treat Christianity and Judaism the same way he did in the Innocence of Muslims. He made clear that he is a critic of all religions and that his favorite critic was Salman Rushdi. “What happened to the Iranian Salman Rushdi is what inspired me,” stated the filmmaker to the Arabic radio Sawa.

Why then would the anti-religion filmmaker work in Zakaria Boutros’ ministry? We were even able to obtain an old photo never published in any western media. The man on the far left is identified as the filmmaker; Boutros is seen standing in the center (click on image to enlarge).

We reached out to Boutros in order to help determine if this person is Ahmed Hamdy, whom Boutros supposedly interviewed at his Paltalk in 2002. Is this the man who claimed to have converted from Islam to Christianity and if so, was Boutros simply set up?

Unfortunately, Zakaria has not responded to our requests.

It’s worth noting that several pseudonyms the filmmaker was using belong to real people who do exist. I was able to find one named Sobhy Bushra, a former associate of Boutros who runs a ministry and travels to the Holy Land. Bushra stated that he knew everyone, including my cousin Eiad Salameh. He stated that he was simply ministering to the filmmaker in the Los Angeles area and had attempted to help him mend his ways. He stated that the filmmaker said he was Copt who used the name Nakoula Bacile Yousef Nakoula from Bahira in Egypt. I had asked him about Eiad Salameh and he stated that Eiad traveled from Bethlehem to meet with Bushra in Jerusalem recently. Eiad has been connecting to the Copts for years of scheming in California.

Whether the filmmaker was Copt or Muslim in origin makes little difference. It is not uncommon for Islamists to find, use and recruit bad apples. It is easy to find so-called secular Christians who could care less about the Christian faith, or who disagree with Christian support for Israel and even use their hatred to advance terrorist causes. Many Copts are no lovers of Israel. Al-Hayat, where Boutros served, has a disdain for Israel.

Hilarion Capucci, a Catholic archbishop is a case-in-point. While Capucci hated Israel, he was a friend of Eiad Salameh. Capucci was found guilty of terrorism against the State of Israel for smuggling explosives in 1974. George Habash, a secular Christian, started the Popular Front to Liberate Palestine (PFLP), which recruits both secular Christian and Muslim terrorists. Remember, the filmmaker was apprehended during Operation Mountain Express, which was linked to drug dealings involving Hezbollah.

While terror supporters were behind the unrest, the Arab world hones in on religious Copts whether they are critics of Islam or not, or even perhaps duped by someone who had intentions to do them harm. The sad part is that many in the West agree with them. Copts, like Jews, make excellent scapegoats.

The rest of the story might be told if some Copts came forward to tell it.


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