Archive | October 30, 2012

Video: Another lifelong Jewish Democrat explains why she is rejecting Obama this time around

Former Chairman of Democrats Abroad in Israel and Delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 1992, a woman named Byrna explains why she is not voting for Barack Obama in 2012. Here is an ad courtesy of the Republican Jewish Coalition. h/t Freedom’s Lighthouse

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Video: Walid’s interview with Michael Coren of Sun News

Walid made his first appearance on the Sun News Network with Michael Coren. There were many issues discussed, including the Obama family’s Wahhabist fundraising empire. An interesting side note is that Walid did this interview from the CNN studios – which belong to a network that has attempted to smear him – and that Sun […]

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Munir Quddus: Muslims should vote for Obama because he defended Huma Abedin

In light of the fact that the Obama administration has implemented policies over the last four years that have benefited the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn, is it any wonder that Muslims are being encouraged to vote for him? In an op-ed entitled, Why Muslims Should Vote to Reelect President Obama, Munir Quddus offers several […]

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