Munir Quddus: Muslims should vote for Obama because he defended Huma Abedin

In light of the fact that the Obama administration has implemented policies over the last four years that have benefited the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn, is it any wonder that Muslims are being encouraged to vote for him?

In an op-ed entitled, Why Muslims Should Vote to Reelect President Obama, Munir Quddus offers several reasons, one of which is Obama’s defense of Huma Abedin.

Via Middle East Online:

Through the annual Iftar party in White House and other events, he has conveyed a sense of profound respect and sensitivity for Islam and Muslims as a part of the national fabric. He has mentioned Muslims along with Christian and Jews in his state of the union addresses. Besides, unlike Newt Gingrich, he never said that “Palestinians were invented people” or what Michelle Bachman said that supporters of the Sharia law have taken over the administration. He offered a strong defense for Huma Abedin senior aide to Secretary Clinton, who came under attack by Ms. Bachman and her friends in Congress. During the Iftar dinner he hailed Abedin as “an American Patriot” and someone who has “worked tirelessly in the White House, in the U.S. Senate, and most exhaustingly at the State Department — where she has been nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear.”

Touting the performance of the State Department at this point, in light of its handling of Benghazi, is an interesting strategy.

Incidentally, the Iftar dinner to which Quddus refers was also attended by Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) president Mohamed Magid, who shared a table with Abedin.


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