Archive | January 2, 2013

After Egypt’s Morsi calls for ‘Dialogue’, Satirist promptly investigated by prosecutors for criticizing Morsi

The ‘dialogue skeptics’ win another round. Shortly after codifying Sharia law in Egypt by signing the Constitution, Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi called for ‘dialogue’. Barely one week later, prosecutors are investigating a satirist for being critical of Morsi. Via Al-Jazeera: An Egyptian satirist who has made fun of President Mohamed Morsi on television will […]

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Egyptian Cleric: Jews will be gone from the earth when Mahdi comes

As the West attempts to split hairs when determining if Islamists with this view are part of al-Qaeda or not, the words of Islamists like this fall on deaf ears. His idea of victory is for the earth to be uninhabited by a single Jew. Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians […]

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