Archive | January 25, 2013

Video: Rand Paul explains why he asked Hillary about CIA Annex in Benghazi being involved in gun trafficking

After Senator Rand Paul out-performed every other Senator or Congressman who questioned Hillary Clinton about Benghazi, he appeared on Hannity to discuss a central focus of his exchange with Hillary. That central focus, which was shockingly not picked up on by subsequent questioners, was the role of the CIA Annex. Another very telling aspect to […]

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Video: Rep. Louie Gohmert rips administration for sending F-16’s to Egypt

Rep. Louie Gohmert, one of the few Congressmen who joined Rep. Michele Bachmann in signing letters to various Inspectors General last summer that demanded answers about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our government, appeared on Fox & Friends to react to the news that the Obama administration is sending F-16 Fighter Jets to Egypt. Who’s leading […]

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