Archive | January 22, 2013

Stop the Witch Hunt Against Michele Bachmann

Our regular readers know the truth about Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claims. That truth is why she’s being so aggressively smeared (see our post on Lance Armstrong). Via Stop the Witch Hunt: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is under attack for voicing concern over critical national security issues that no other elected leader wants to acknowledge, and now […]

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Confirmed: Algerian Terror attack NOT motivated by anti-Muhammad video

At least three Americans were killed in the Algerian terrorist attack on a gas plant last week. Unlike the attack in Benghazi, the State Department did not blame an anti-Muhammad video. Via USA Today: Three Americans were among 38 workers killed in the siege of an Algerian gas plant in which Islamic terrorists used hostages […]

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Video: Anjem Choudary leads Muslims in U.K. in protest of French action in Mali

The very first speaker in this clip is none other than Anjem Choudary, a Salafist Muslim. The primary difference between the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood in western lands is that the former are much less disinterested in the use of stealth Jihad. The mask is off with the Salafis but make no mistake; the […]

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Echoes of Nazi Germany: Muslims demand ‘gay’ looking man leave ‘Muslim area’… in London

Isn’t it amazing how the homosexual movement in the West is more antagonistic toward the ‘intolerant Christian right’ which never seems to be caught doing things like this? It’s kind of the same Stockholm Syndrome dynamic that spawns the Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition, isn’t it? Watch as a man in London is harassed by Muslims […]

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