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Source: Terrorists in Algeria used weapons provided to Libyan rebels by NATO

The ‘unintended’ consequences of the Obama-backed NATO effort in Libya apparently didn’t stop with the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. If reports are correct, weapons funneled to Libyan rebels by NATO may have been used in the recent terrorist attack / hostage crisis in Algeria. Via the Telegraph: Many of the Islamist terrorists shot […]

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Empathizing with Moses: Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition

If you have never heard the term “useful idiot” it was the attitude held by Vladimir Lenin towards communist sympathizers in the West (America). While Lenin and the Soviets held them in utter contempt they also viewed them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries, thus infecting foreign cultures with their totalitarian tripe. […]

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Video: Ethnic Turk with Rap Sheet attempts to Assassinate Sunni Muslim politician in Bulgaria

The name of the politician who found himself at the wrong end of a gun is Ahmed Demir Dogan, a Turkish Sunni Muslim who founded the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Party (kinda like the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, perhaps?). Dogan was giving a speech when another Turk with a rap sheet […]

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Obama’s Reelection Simply Means More Power To Islamists

By Theodore Shoebat With Obama’s inauguration for his reelection, many people are exalting him as another Martin Luther King Jr., and a voice for social equality. But is this event really worth celebration? No. Obama’s policies has only made the West lose control of the Middle East, and this will only lead to the formation […]

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Algerian Hostage: Kidnappers came and Murdered ‘in the name of Islam’

Every once in a while, the liberal media prints something that torpedoes all that it seems bent on defending. While the details of the attack on a gas plant in Algeria have been slow in coming, one of the hostages was quoted by the New York Times as saying the following: One Algerian who managed […]

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Kupelian Asks: Why ISN’T Obama considered the first Muslim President?

If Bill Clinton was the first black President (even though his skin color belied the notion), why can’t Barack Obama be the first Muslim President, even though his Muslim father gives the president a legitimate claim to being Muslim? Shouldn’t Muslims be offended that he is not referred to as such. Why the hypersensitivity when […]

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