Video: CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad says Muslims may have discovered America before Columbus

Nihad Awad, Executive Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) appeared on Iqra (Saudi Arabian television) and compared the values of Islam to the values of America, saying that both believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Far too few people in the west understand the motivation behind these lies.

The kicker in this clip is when Awad lends credence to the absurd notion that Columbus discovered America only after Muslims did. Stealth Islamists like Awad know Americans better than they know themselves. He knows that it’s effective to imply that America was stolen from the Indians, that it was taken from Mexicans, and that reparations for slavery should never end.

He’s employing the same dynamic here but he’s directing it at the Arab world.


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Note that Awad said Islam believes in “freedom of speech” and “spreading justice”. Yet, Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt recently signed a sharia Constitution into law and then said he wanted dialogue. Soon thereafter, a satirist was interrogated by prosecutors for speech critical of Morsi.

Awad’s CAIR (add a “o” at the end and you get “CAIRO”) is an extension of Morsi’s Brotherhood. If you want to know Awad’s agenda, watch Morsi. Again, Awad has to be far more stealthy because he’s on the frontline of the Brotherhood’s war with the west – the United States.

As for Awad’s contention that Islam shares the same values as America’s founders, his support of Hamas belies any such notion.

Americans are in denial. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.


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