Video: Muslims calling for Re-Conquest of Spain (think Ground Zero mosque)

Do you remember what happened when several of us attempted to explain the significance of the name ‘Cordoba House’ for the Ground Zero mosque? We were called liars and Islamophobes. We rightfully pointed out that the name ‘Cordoba’ is significant because it is a city in Spain where a Christian cathedral was converted into a mosque after it had been conquered. As people became more educated about the historical significance of ‘Cordoba’ and the doublespeak coming out of the mouth of Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Cordoba Initiative changed the name of the mosque to Park 51.

We were mocked and dismissed as paranoid, right-wing extremists. Many of you were too.

Have a look at what’s happening in Spain right now. On January 2nd, Spaniards gathered to celebrate the expulsion of their Muslim conquerors. When the Muslims ruled Spain, it was known as Andalusia. Here are Muslim protesters in Egypt calling for the return of Andalusia.

Via BNI:

Check out some history of Spain / Andalusia here.


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