Video: CNBC’s Larry Kudlow interviews USA Survival’s Cliff Kincaid about Al Jazeera deal

While appearing on CNBC’s ‘The Kudlow Report’, Cliff Kincaid, of Accuracy in Media and USA Survival, talked about the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. It was nice to see Kincaid not mince words at all. In fact, he made the claim that Al Jazeera is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was also interesting to watch the panel’s reaction.

Matt Welch, who obviously doesn’t understand the concept of doublespeak (message in Arabic completely different from message in English), dismisses the notion that Al Jazeera America will be about propaganda. He displays the typical ignorance of Islamic fundamentalism espoused by many libertarians who belong to the cult of Ron Paul (that is not a charge that Welch does, though he might).

Another panelist – Jimmy Williams – has no problem with Gore selling out to Big Oil after becoming the poster child for Global Warming OR Gore’s attempt to take advantage of the Bush tax cuts. His argument? Gore is just engaging in free market capitalism. Williams then outs himself when he eschews the notion of ethics in business, saying he would sell to the highest bidder, regardless of who it is. That’s what we call a self-imposed ‘gotcha’ moment.



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