Video: Anjem Choudary leads Muslims in U.K. in protest of French action in Mali

The very first speaker in this clip is none other than Anjem Choudary, a Salafist Muslim. The primary difference between the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood in western lands is that the former are much less disinterested in the use of stealth Jihad. The mask is off with the Salafis but make no mistake; the Brotherhood wants the same thing. Both want sharia law to govern the world through a global caliphate. Nationalism is rejected.

That is why you see Choudary in this clip (after he’s done with leading chants) championing the fall of Egypt’s Mubarak, Gadhafi’s Libya, and Ali’s Tunisia.

Also take note that Choudary is decrying the French action in Mali, which is what the lead terrorist – Moktar Belmokhtar – identified as the motive for the attack:

Belmokhtar — who was among 12 defendants, five like him still on the run, who were the subject of an Algerian court hearing Monday related to their terrorist involvement — said the attack was in retaliation for Algeria allowing France to use its airspace to battle Islamist militants in Mali.

Though that claim was apparently debunked by the fact that the attack had been planned for some time, it’s indeed telling that Belmokhtar and Choudary share the same goal when it comes to Mali.

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Here are some more videos of Choudary.

First, in his appearance on ABC This Week in October, 2010, Choudary said that the ‘Flag of Islam will fly over the White House’. Note how Franklin Graham acknowledges that Choudary is telling the truth about the Islamic agenda. The woman you see who disagrees with Choudary in this clip is the wife of Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Ground Zero mosque Imam, whose doublespeak / deception has been exposed.

Next, here is Choudary in 2006 while in Great Britain:


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