Must See Video: Interview with former Gulen Charter School Teacher (Paging Leslie Stahl)

Folks, this is a must-see video of an exchange between Frank Gaffney, Jr. and a woman named Mary Addi, who used to work for a Gulen Charter school. Addi relays a chilling account of her experiences. At one point, she said that Americans are referred to by the Turkish school administrators as “foreigners” (yes, in America).

Addi explained that she is married to a Turkish man who was made to give 40 percent of his earnings to the school and when she wanted to apply for an administrative position, her husband told her not to bother because such positions were only given to Turkish men.

Can you say “discrimination” or “Ameri-phobia”?

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Toward then end of this clip, Addi references a discussion she had with Leslie Stahl (presumably during the production of the sycophantic 60 Minutes puff piece Stahl did on the schools). Unfortunately, Stahl was more interested in riding the hovercraft science experiment.

Here is Addi’s website.

A must-see video:

Leslie_leafblowerLeslie ‘Leafblower’ Stahl during her hard-hitting investigation of the Gulen schools.

h/t Donna Garner


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