CNN’s Jake Tapper delivers shocking interview with man who Interviewed King Abdullah

The most amazing aspect to this story is not that Jordan’s King Abdullah warned of a “Muslim Brotherhood crescent” rising in Egypt and Turkey. Rather, it’s that Jeffrey Goldberg, whose interview with Abdullah was published in the left-leaning Atlantic Monthly, appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss it.

Regular readers of our blog are not surprised by any of the revelations in Goldberg’s interview with Abdullah or Tapper’s interview with Goldberg. In fact, it all just validates what we’ve been saying for years. Nonetheless, it is fascinating that some truth about what’s going on in the Middle East was actually allowed onto CNN.

Check out this excerpt from Goldberg’s piece, via The Atlantic:

Abdullah is wary of Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, whose Justice and Development Party is, he believes, merely promoting a softer-edged version of Islamism. (“Erdogan once said that democracy for him is a bus ride,” Abdullah reports. “ ‘Once I get to my stop, I’m getting off.’ ”) He sees Erdogan as a more restrained and more savvy version of Mohamed Morsi, who set back Muslim Brotherhood’s cause in Egypt by making a premature play for absolute power. “Instead of the Turkish model, taking six or seven years—being an Erdogan—Morsi wanted to do it overnight,” the king said.

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It is nice to see CNN’s new reporter – Jake Tapper – who recently moved there from ABC deliver this kind of reporting.

However, there is something Goldberg said while talking to Tapper that we’d like to take issue with. While discussing the option of a ‘two-state solution’ vs. Israeli sovereignty, Goldberg suggested that the latter was not possible because Israelis and Palestinians ‘absolutely hate each other’. Once again, a faulty premise is put forth as fact and for some reason, it’s hardwired into far too many minds.

It is the Israelis who are absolutely hated by the Arabs. The former wants to be left alone and the latter wants the former’s extermination.

Anyway, here’s Goldberg’s interview with Tapper:

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